Jumat, 29 Maret 2013

Example of brief speech on education

Good morning Mrs. ......., our respected and beloved English teacher and to all of my friends in class xi ipa 4 for your giving me a chance to deliver my brief speech on Education is the key to success.

Mrs. ..... and friends,  can you imagine how our country would be if our founding fathers were not educated? We might not be able to gain our independence since ideas of unity and nationalism that gather our people to struggle together for independence would not come across their minds. Education  is the key to a successful future and the key element in helping men
and women developing to their full potentials.

Learning opens doors of opportunity that are only available to those who seek it out and put their hearts
and souls into it. Through education and becoming exposed to added knowledge
and experiences, people can find for themselves what they are best suited or most
interested in doing for the rest of their lives.  Success is defined differently by
every individual person and education is an important tool in both creating a
personal definition of success and eventually making it reality.
Making the decision to take
advantage of all educational
opportunities that are
available is not something that
is necessarily easy, oftentimes
it takes effort to seek out
those opportunities that could
potentially help to further
develop talents and abilities
that we may already possess.
Education is not limited to
school buildings and
institutions. While a
great deal of learning can
come from teachers,
professors, books, and classrooms, these are not the only avenues of education and
should not be seen that way. Any way a person can educate themselves or learn
more about the world around them is key in establishing a successful career and
future. It's rarely the knowledge and facts that you know that carry you up the
career ladder and into the realms of success but rather than connections you make
with others and how fast you can think on your feet and solve problems and
generate new ideas. Those who can work independently and can be counted on in
the toughest and most trying situations are those that will be most sought out by
the professional world, whether that profession happens to be carpentry,
engineering, teaching, medicine, or anything else.

Therefore, being educated will make us be more exposed to jobs and opportunities. Our teacher and friends, to reach a successful lives, our education will play very important role and we should make sure that we obtain that and let more people particularly in our country have chance to be educated.

Our teacher and friends I must end this brief speech. I hope this can be something good for you. I would like to say my apology if I made mistakes or said anything inconvenient to you. Thank you very much and good morning to you all.

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